Some Songs can be pre-heard on Act 1

1. Given Galilei is talking about himself and his passion for the truth. He is of the opinion that it is better to make a false prediction than to remain ignorant and merely mark time. Try to be successful! His lecture is powerful!
2. Do This To Me The rehearsal is over. Steve’s father storms into the room. He is annoyed because Steve prefers to occupy himself with his music rather than deciding to go to university. How can you do this to me? His father has sacrificed a lot for his son’s education and now feels himself betrayed
3. Good At It Steve’s  answer. He is a good musician. So why shouldn’t he realise his dream?
4. The Outline Transition from Steve’s to Galilei’s world. While the choir 
builds up a crescendo in the background a speaker recounts the important stages in Galilei’s life.
5. All Wrong Galilei appears and asks himself if this rock opera is real or is he just a figure of  Steve’s imagination. As Steve, his creator, doesn’t yet know all the facts about him, Galilei tells him ( in Steve’s mind ) about his life.
6. Rockhead Galilei is talking about himself and his life.  However as all this takes place in Steve’s mind, Galilei’s thoughts are restricted. There are gaps in his memory.
7. Resigned Galilei is arguing with dean of the university ( reference to omitted song 1.08 ) that he is wasting his time here. He is resigned to it. He has accepted an appointment at the University of Padua in the mathematics department. Now he has got time to experiment.
8. Question Everything Galilei’s main theme. He instructs his students to question everything. Don’t take everything for certain. Prove it for yourself! This is his farewell message to his students.
9. Needs Work Steve loves the rock opera he is writing but he realises it means a lot of hard work. Galilei’s life is so many-sided that he can never include everything. Furthermore he still doesn’t know a lot. He must get hold of the information he needs.
10. Time For Love Galilei is telling Steve  that he has never had time for love with all his experiments. This strengthens Steve’s conviction that it’s okay to be alone with his music.
11. Late The mother of Galilei’s children, Marina, tells him his daughter is late tonight. She doesn’t want Galilei to go out star-watching until his second daughter, Livia, comes home. Galilei sets up his telescope. Marina believes that all he can think about is his work.
12. Stars Galilei is singing to the stars. This is his home. He can find peace here. Nothing pleases him more than to draw star charts.
13. Allowances Galilei’s 1st daughter reproaches him for being too engrossed in his work.
14. Talk About Steve and Galilei are discussing Galilei’s life. Galilei gives him some additional facts.
15. The Progression Galilei asks himself how science can progress when people continue to be so narrow-minded. He would like the Church to encourage people to think about things instead of restricting them all the time. Steve comes onto the stage. Should he fill out his college form or continue with his music?


Act 2

16. Ground Glass The scene is a church in Rome. Galilei is demonstrating his telescope. Theologians take a look through it but are not convinced of Galilei’s radical claims.
17.1 Show and Hell
17.2 Let Alone
17.1 The priest and the cardinal are discussing  the outcome of Galilei’s blasphemy. 17.2 Steve is playing his guitar. He feels depressed about the way things are developing both for Galilei and himself. Galilei writes a letter in reply to the cardinal.
18. A Thing or 2 The scene takes place inside a church where the cardinal
is debating the case against Galilei.
19. Take Care The daughters are looking after their mother. They hope that Galilei is well. He is in Rome.
20. Guilty The Inquisition finds Galilei guilty of blasphemy.
21. I Recant Galilei is no fool. He renounces his ‘evil’ theories. He never wanted to take the world away from God.
22. Some Time Galilei’s 2nd daughter is singing about needing some time to herself. 
23. Of An End Steve is at Galilei’s deathbed. Galilei dies.
24. Question Everything  Repeat


The End