Songs, photos and logos for the media and all those interested are to be on offer on this page. The songs are in mp3,44,1kHz stereo. All rights reserved.
Time For Love (2,8 MB)

Galilei is telling Steve  that he has never had time for love with all his experiments. This strengthens Steveís conviction that itís okay to be alone with his music.

Markus Thiel, Lead-Voacals
Galilei-Band, Galilei-Choir
Recorded & Mixed: Juli 2000

  Take Care (1,6 MB)

The daughters are looking after their mother. They hope that Galileo is well. He is in Rome.

Silvia Kobsa, Angie Rau, Daniela Menne, Lead-Voacals
Recorded & Mixed: Juli 2000

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