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Premiere and shows in June/Aug. 2000 end with standing ovation ( see photos )
12.10.2001: Galilei-website now also available in English language
01.02.2002: Galilei will be from Aug, 30th. - Sept., 1st. 2002 at the 4. Internationalen Musical-Kongress in Hamburg
01.02.2002: Leadsheet of Galilei - Download now!
01.02.2002: Wanted! Ensembles that play Galilei: we support all professional ensembles/musical schools to play Galilei; Infos at
01.07.2002: 'Galilei' is nominated for 'Works In Progress' (8 shows out of 30 appliations): Galilei Project will present story and music in a 30-minutes-reading in Hamburg, Germany, September, 1st, 2002, 8.00 p.m. (

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Prof. Dr. Feindor about Galilei and the internet
Composed and world premiere via the internet
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Galilei and the internet

Prof. Dr. Roland Feindor about the rockopera Galilei

Prof. Dr. Roland Feindor
Fachhochschule Rosenheim
College of Applied Science .

The rock opera Galilei is a fascinating example of how the internet today enables people to come together, work together and create new ideas together. In this way – purely via internet -  a librettist and a composer met to take the classical story of Galileo Galilei  and mould it into a new modern form so that people today can sympathize with the conflict between authority and truth in contemporary times.

It was not pure coincidence that this internet collaboration happened to take place in Rosenheim. Indeed the Fachhochschule Rosenheim ( Rosenheim College of Applied Science ) had been keen from the start to extend its internet activities and to encourage the manifold concrete uses there of. Together with political and economic institutions the FH Rosenheim has succeeded in making the commercial area of Rosenheim a centre for IT and Communications Technology,  the practical widespread applications of which can be seen by everybody well beyond these boundaries.




The story


(c) Anders Eriksen, 3/2000
Steve, a student and keen musician, dreams of writing his own rock opera about Galileo Galilei but feels his father can’t understand him. His dream is so intense that he suddenly finds himself  back in the 17th century as one of Galilei’s students. He is a witness to Galilei’s celestial observations with his telescope and the subsequent condemnation by the church for these allegedly anti – Scriptural findings. Galilei is forced to abjure his theories.
Not until after Galilei’s death does Steve come to realise what courage one needs to fulfil a dream which could change the whole world.

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Composed via the internet -
world premiere via the internet!

  The birth of the rock opera Galilei is living proof that the internet makes everything possible. Artur Labermaier, the composer of the musical, got to know Ben Ohmart, the song writer and lyrist, through an advertisement in an internet music news group. This was the beginning of a German –American friendship with the aim of composing and performing the first internet musical in the world. Although the two composers have never met to date it’s amazing what has arisen out of the medium of the future.







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